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Let us know if you are a Military Veteran or member of the Fire or Police Department, we've got extra perks for you when you become a client of the Hatchett Law Firm. 

Please also inform us of how you were referred so we may acknowledge the person who is a supporter of our efforts.

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The dreaded "F" word - FEES.  We manage our time and pricing based on the complexity of the matter and a solid commitment to meeting the needs of each client we agree to represent.  In select circumstances, we provide  services at a deeply discounted rate.  How can we afford to do this?  Quite frankly, we can't. We do it anyway because it is our ministry outreach for exceptional cases. Fortunately for our firm, most of our clients are referred by former or current satisfied clients and through other lawyers who are familiar with the quality of our work and clients have appreciated the value of our services.  Please be sure to let us know who referred you so that we may acknowledge them.  No need to worry if you were not referred.  We strive to satisfy the needs of every client accepted by our firm. 

We offer fair and reasonable pricing that is agreed to in advance and in writing by our clients.  We discuss the terms and parameters of representation before we begin.  Whenever possible, we offer payment plans and debit/credit card payment options in some instances. No surprises. 

We understand that hiring a lawyer might be as fun as getting a root canal, and no one really wants to submit to either activity if it can be avoided.  The fact that you are reading this page could indicate:

  1. You have a serious legal matter that is causing or about to cause real pain to you personally or financially. 
  2. You are ready to put your legal life in order by creating an estate plan.
  3. You want to assist a family member or loved one with getting their legal life in order.
  4. Someone cared enough about you to suggest you seek our help.
  5. You are another lawyer curious to learn how we do what we do so well for our clients. 
  6. You've already had a root canal and you just like pain.....

Whatever brings you to this page, we congratulate you for seeking us out and hope that our advertisement enables you to connect with us soon.   We offer no guarantees of any end result.  In some cases there is just no happy ending. We'll do our best to provide value, wisdom, and experience to obtain a just result for you.  If our legal team seems a good fit,  click the "Contact us" link and send in your contact information or call us directly.  THIS WEBSITE IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY AND NOT ADVICE.  We will not establish attorney/client privilege with you unless and until our office has agreed to establish this relationship and has done so in writing - do not send anything confidential or sensitive using this site.  ASSUME IT WILL NOT BE A PROTECTED COMMUNICATION.   Save us to your favorites page so you can find us again when you need us.